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The Seeds – Collaboration at its best

The TestPod led a collaborative project with Panuku Development, the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Spatial Design Department, Rongomai Primary School Otara, Pavilion Architecture and numerous industry professionals.

The project saw 50 third year and honor students from the AUT Spatial Design Faculty co-design S.T.E.A.M. pavilions with a Year 5/6 STEM class from Rongomai Primary School. The collaboration drew on support from the architecture community and numerous suppliers. The project would land in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter: A scientific playground showcasing science through the eyes of New Zealand’s future.

Our Briefing
  • Design to brief and budget a temporary seed pod showcasing science, technology, engineering, art or maths in both design and structure
  • The seed should
    • Engage and inspire students to actively explore the pods and STEAM.
    • Provide a home for interactive STEAM exhibits designed for students, by students.
    • Create a pathway for students and industry to link through a collaborative passion, expertise and learning.
Target Audience
  • The General Public
  • Auckland school children aged 8 to 14
  • Successful workshops at AUT for design students and industry suppliers to meet, showcase their designs and be challenged by industry professionals.
  • Students exposed to a live project.
  • Ako critique workshops between AUT design students and Rongomai STEM students hosted by AUT and Rongomai Primary school
  • Ronogmai students hosted a formal presentation of their own LEGO innovations to the NZ Country manager of LEGO.
  • Successful introduction and job placement of an AUT Design Student with a leading innovative supplier.

I really enjoyed working with the TestPod. Our students have had a powerful role being part of the learning process and I think that really changes their perspective and allows them to see they can be part of these high level science activities and that they can have a meaningful role.” – Nick Pattison, Rongomai Primary Director Science, Maths and EFS

The projects that we did with the TestPod – it was real and it taught me a lot about the industry.” – 3rd Year AUT Spatial Design Student