The TestPod creates collaborative science experiences that bring the industry and education sectors together for the benefit of young New Zealanders.

Through science, technology, engineering, art or math themes (STEAM) we create inspiring and current STEAM experiences for everybody that reflect today’s STEAM industry and research in New Zealand. We don’t do purely educational approaches because they lack excitement. And we don’t do purely entertaining approaches because they lack learning. Tinkering and making is part of our process to encourage the innovators of tomorrow.


Our partners have something in common: A passion for what they do and a goal to be engaged with the next generation of innovators. Whether you are a company, a university or a primary school teacher with a class passionate about robots, we make it our job to bring you together in a collaborative experience.


We are deeply rooted in our communities. Our exhibitions or projects will land in a public venue and be open to everybody to visit and engage with. We always offer a dedicated hands-on program for school groups.


We give companies the opportunity to directly engage and share your knowledge with schools. Primary and intermediate school students are always part of our development process. They will collaborate with you on ideas and exhibits and give feed-back.